Cracking the Code Pickslanting Primer

Cracking the Code Pickslanting Primer

Troy Grady

The Cracking the Code Pickslanting Primer is the essential introduction to guitar picking technique.

We teach you the technical concepts that underlie fast and accurate picking — and we break down the actual techniques of legendary players like Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, Michael Angelo Batio, and more.

Your purchase includes video lessons, detailed "how-to" tutorial chapters, dozens of example clips in ultra-revealing 120fps slow-motion video, and complete tablature in PDF and Guitar Pro.

The complete package includes:

  • 30+ video tutorial chapters
  • 5+ hours of lessons
  • 75+ slow-mo video + tablature examples

Downward Pickslanting

Learn about the incredible power of downward pickslanting — with complete blueprints of Yngwie’s and Eric Johnson’s picking techniques.

  • DWPS and Yngwie Malmsteen: “Get Down for the Upstroke” and “Inside the Volcano” lessons
  • Eight-chapter tutorial on critical concepts in Yngwie's downward pickslanting system
  • DWPS and Eric Johnson: “Eric the Right” lesson
  • Eight-chapter tutorial on the most fundamental components of Eric's downward pickslanting strategy

Upward Pickslanting

Learn about the legendary accuracy of John McLaughlin's picking technique, and step through the fundamentals of upward pickslanting mechanics with the awesome Strunz & Farah.

  • UWPS fundamental mechanics with Strunz & Farah: four chapters
  • UWPS and John McLaughlin: three chapters on John's blazing scalar and arpeggio patterns

Two-Way Pickslanting

Learn how two-way pickslanting enables you to play alternate-picked scales across the strings. 

  • 2WPS and Michael Angelo Batio: “Conquering the Scale” lesson
  • Ten-chapter video tutorial demonstrating exactly how to achieve two-way pickslanting a la Batio
  • 2WPS and Steve Vai: “Crossroads Diminished Fours” lesson


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